1004Korean, or 천사 한국어 in hangul, is a play on words.

1000 in Korean is “천” (pronounced as chun) and 4 in Korean is “사” (sa)

1004 is “천사” (chunsa)

However, 천사 also means “angel”

I wanted my blog’s url to have some sort of meaning to me, in order to make it my own and completely different from any other Korean language blogs out there. I have a dog named Angel so, it made perfect sense!

So, 1004Korean is basically my dog’s name, followed by “Korean”.

Keep in mind that it’s in the context of “Korean language” (한국어), not “Korean native/person” (한국인/한국 사람)

And that’s 1004Korean!

오늘의 노래 (today’s song):




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