The (main) Resources Post

Today is: 5워 27일; 토요일

As someone learning a whole new language completely on your own (or someone taking a class), online resources are your best friend. It’s also pretty much impossible to learn from just one thing, so expect to use a lot of things. In this post, I’ll highlight the good sources that I have used/am using/will use to learn the language.


  • Andrew Byon’s Basic Korean: A Grammar and Workbook (pdf) (hard copy)
  • My Korean (1) and (2) pdf textbooks
  • Yes Korean (another blog that has short and simple lessons, very good as a supplemental resource)
  • KBS World’s Let’s Learn Korean (KBSWorld is an international Korean media tv channel that also offers free Korean “lessons” in multiple languages; this is also a really good supplemental source)


  • Drops iOS app (all you need is 5 minutes and it has colorful pictures and animations)
  • Memrise (has an app for iOS and Android, links on homepage; Memrise adapts to your personal learning style and performance)
  • Life in Korea (Very organized, even by situation)

All Around:

  • Talk To Me in Korean (Probably the number one source you hear about when you look into studying Korean. They have a series of books that range from real grammar lessons to books that you can use if you’re just taking a quick vacation in Korean. I really only use their Youtube channel)
  • Korean Class 101 (Great lessons, with podcasts and pdf notes, until the free trial runs out. After that, only it’s free vocabulary resources (dictionary, word lists made by them and other users, etc.) are useful. However, the youtube channel is great.)
  • How to Study Korean (his grammar lessons are very good, but he kinda forces a ton of words onto you in each lesson; it can be overwhelming)
  • zKorean (very well organized with a dictionary and more study tools)

Miscellaneous Tools:

  • Branah Keyboard (use your actual keyboard or click the keys on-screen to type in Korean)
  • Flashcards
    • Quizlet (website) (Android app,  comes in iOS and Android)
    • Cram (Android app; super customizable and lets you change the language for each side of the card so it can read back to you in English and Korean)
  • Language Exchange (chat w/ native speakers and maybe teach them English as well)
  • Verb conjugation
  • Korean Dictionary (pretty self-explanatory)
  • Children’s Books (pdf files; come in picture&text format, text-only format, b&w or color)

And that’s everything that I use or plan to use in my language learning journey, hopefully they will help you out too! If I find anything else, I’ll be sure to make posts about them, so look out for those!

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다! (Thank you for reading!)

안녕! (Goodbye!)

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