How old are you?

Today is: 2017 7 11

The most common way to ask someone their age (in the standard politeness level) in Korean is “몇 살 입니까?”

Asking this way ensures that you aren’t being overly polite or impolite.

Breaking down the question, we have the following:

  • 몇 = how, what
  • 살 = age
  • 입니다= to be

You would answer this question like so:

  • 저는 스한둘 입니다. = I am 21 age (years old).

To explain, you say your age using the Korean number system (not the Sino-Korean system), so you would choose the decade from the first column below, attach the number of single years from the second group and attach the word “살 sal (age)” to 입니다.


10: 열
20: 스물 (drops the final “ㄹ” when followed by “살”)
30: 서른
40: 마흔
50: 쉰
60: 예순
70: 일흔
80: 여든
90: 아흔

Single Numbers:

1: 하나
2: 둘
3: 셋
4: 넷
5: 다섯
6: 여섯
7: 일곱
8: 여덟
9: 아홉

In Korea, age can be a bit complicated because not only do they count your birth year, but at the start of the Chinese New Year, you are considered to be aged up.  I am 19 internationally, but in Korea, I would be 21 because in 1997, I would have been considered 1 and the new year has started.

This age calculator explains it a bit more.

That’s it for today, 안녕!

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