Today is: 2017년 7월 20일

Andong Village is a village from the Joseon Dynasty and one the few places in Korea where you can still find old buildings and architecture. Unlike those in most parts of Korea, buildings and houses in Andong have withstood both the Korean War and the country’s period of economic development.

The village gets it’s name, “Hahoe,” from the fact that it is surrounded by Nakdong River. Hahoe means ” surrounded by water.”

Here are some (of many) things you must experience if you ever visit Andong:


한옥스테이 – stay at a traditional Korean house (do they have AirBnB?)


하휘탈 쓰기 – wearing a traditional “hahoe” mask


탈춤 보기 – watching the traditional mask dance

For more info of Andong Hahoe Folk VIllage, visit this sitesite!

That’s it for today, 안녕!


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