Today is: 2017 년 10 월 12 일

병원으로 데려가 주세요. = Please take me to the hospital.

구급자를 불러주세요. = Please call an ambulance.

Things are bound to happen no matter where you are and you always want to be sure that you know how to get to the hospital in a foreign country. In some cases, you won’t be able to take yourself and that is when the above phrases will be literal lifesavers.

In Korea, there aren’t that many private doctors’ offices, most doctors work at hospitals. For this reason, hospitals take care of everything from small check-ups to the most complicated surgeries.


Here are some other useful words and phrases:

  • 의사 = doctor
  • 간호사 = nurse
  • 아프다 =sick
  • 내 머리 아파요 = My head hurts. (replace with 머리 any other body part)
  • 여기 아파요. = This here hurts. (In the event that you don’t know your body vocabulary you can just point!)
  • 나는 아파요 = I’m sick.

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