No way! & Just kidding!

훼이크! = That’s fake, that can’t be true.

This is a slang word that comes from the English word “fake.” It’s mostly used by teenagers and people in their 20’s.

It’s essentially the Korean equivalent of “No way!” and any other English phrases used to show surprise.

It can also be used after a joke to show that you aren’t serious or that it wasn’t true.


이건 5716원이야? 훼이크! = This is only 5 dollars? No way!

시험은 실제로 오늘이다! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 훼이크!  = The test is actually today! Hehehe, just kidding!

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Saying Goodbye

잘가 = Goodbye. This is the common, informal way to say goodbye, but there are other ways to say this for different situations.

When being formal, one would say 언녕히 세요 or 언녕히 세요.

The difference between these two words is one character (which changes the meaning entirely) so it can be confusing.

There are two ways because there are different ways to say goodbye depending on who is leaving.

When you are the one leaving (and the person you’re talking to is staying), say the first one, 언녕히 계세요.

  • 계세요 means “please stay,” so the phrase means “Please stay peacefully.”
  • If you want to say it casually, say 잘 있어 or “Stay well.”

When you are seeing someone else off, say 언녕히 가세요

  • 가세요 means “please go,” so the phrase means “Please go peacefully.”
  • The casual version would be 잘가, aka the most common way to say goodbye.

오늘의 노래:


Very Very Very

Today is: 2017년 7월 19일

매우- very/extremely
너무- very/too
아주- very

These words are used to express the extremeness of something following the formula of 매우/너무/아주 + [an adjective]

매우/너무/아주 좋다 –extremely/too/very good

매우/너무/아주 맛있다 – extremely/too/very delicious

매우/너무/아주 예쁘다 – extremely/too/very pretty

Former girl group I.O.I. has a song called “Very Very Very”/”너무너무너무.”

오늘의 노래:

No Kidding

Today is: 2017 7 12

장난 아니다 means  “No kidding” or “It’s no joke” and is used to express something amazing.

장난 means “joke”

and 아니다 means “not”

장난 아니다! 숙제가 너무 많아. = It’s no joke! I have too much homework.